All Natural, Sustainable and Vegan. Handmade by our Spiritual Guide and Shawomban Lauren. Each prayer tie is made from sustainable, eco-friendly material. Fill out the Custom box with information about your prayer and/or intentions. You can include general or specific intentions. Each prayer tie is filled with an all natural and organic offering. Each tied with an all natural hemp tie. Prayer ties can be set with intentions, prayers, wishes and/or messages for ancestors or deceased love ones. Your exact tie will be handmade and unique to you and your needs at the time of ordering. You can order as many as you need, the ties can be bound together or separate, depending on what you wish. Never break the tie that binds the prayer sachets together, for it represents the flow of energy between you, your prayers and whomever you are praying to (Mother Earth, Father Spirit, your Spirit Guides, Universe, etc.) Your prayer ties will be set with the guidance you send. When you receive your order, tie the prayer ties to a place that is holy or sacred to you. They are typically tied to a tree because trees represent a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Heaven, or the earthly and angelic realms. You can hang your ties wherever you feel is most pertinent and important to you. Set your intentions again when you hang your ties. Include them in a ceremony, pray to them each day, place them on your altar, hang them on your door. They are truly versatile and relative to your experience here on this beautiful planet we call home.

Prayer Tie

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