A gift of reciprocation gives and takes equally. It is a gift that uplifts your emotions, soothes your soul, purifies your mind and harmonizes your body. 


This homegrown Cleveland Sage makes a beautiful offering for those living in Southern CA as it is native to this area. A gift of reciprocation for outdoor use, use it in rituals, when harvesting plants, leave it for fairies and spirits, leave it where Mother Earth needs healing, whatever your heart desires. Mother Earth and your soul will thank you for your mindfulness and consideration. 


For those not in Southern CA, you can use it indoors. It has a strong, aromatic scent. Use it as a cleansing loose incense, a potpourri or a bath soak. 


  • Homegrown
  • Intentionally harvested
  • Full plant used - stems, leaves, flowers (only after they have dropped to the ground or are brown and cannot benefit the wildlife anymore)
  • Energetically prepared and blessed
  • Disinfected
  • Wrapped in burlap sack with hemp twine


More about Cleveland Sage (Salvia clevelandii):

The Kumeyaay name for Cleveland Sage is mulh'amulh. They use leaves to treat a cough or chest cold or to resolve issues with poison oak. The leaves can also be burned inside a home for the sake of fumigation. Sage is a master healer.

Offering of Cleveland Sage