Handmade All-Natural Eco-Friendly Citrus Herb House Cleaner. Made with sustainably sourced White Vinegar with Organic lemons and organic oranges with homegrown Organic lavender, Organic rosemary and Organic Cleveland Sage. Each product is unique, please allow variance from item to item. Not all above listed ingredients are in each batch. Each batch has its own combination of citrus and herbs. Please contact us if you would like a specific mixture or want to know what is exactly in your product before it is ordered. Your jar comes with the soaking citrus and herbs. Strain out the citrus and herbs. Put the citrus down your garbage disposal to give it a good clean or compost it. Put strained scented vinegar into a reusable spray bottle - 1 parts vinegar to 3 parts water. You can dilute the mixture to your preference, this is a general recommendation. Comes in a sustainable (sometimes repurposed) glass jar that can be repurposed after each use. Organic, Vegan, & Plastic-Free!


*Remember, this is a concentrated solution. Add water to dilute. Dilution recipe above.*

Handmade All-Natural Eco-Friendly Citrus Herb House Cleaner

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