eARTh Songs & Moon Walks: A Shamanic Art Journey - A Calendar for the Spiritual Journeyer - March and April 2021 by Lauren Alice Hill is a New Arrival featured only at our store.   This is much more than a lunar calendar, it is a manual for Shamanic Living. Focusing on the present moment and energies, each part of the calendar is released for the current month but the messages are timeless and can be referred back to time and time again.  In a sustainable fashion, each part of the calendar is featured as a download that you can use as you choose.


With each calendar release, Lauren is also creating "Monthly Shamanic Energy Forecasts" that give greater insight into the messages and activations for the month. You can watch the video above.


We are giving you the first part of the calendar for FREE. The energetic New Year starts on the Spring Equinox. This calendar starts on that day. This calendar is a manual for living by the language and energies of Mother Earth and Living Spirit. Connect with your intuition. 


This download includes:

- Lunar Calendar

- Shamanic energy messages from Mother Earth & Living Spirit (Flow Art)

- Activations (in the form of channeled poems) so you can properly engage in these energies

- Flow chart for womben who wish to chart their flow and understand better how the moon affects them

- Journal entry pages

- Hidden messages

- Calendar Cover

- A brief introduction to the work


ZIP format - PDF files included 


We hope you enjoy this beautiful work of art and insight. 

eARTh Songs & Moon Walks Shamanic Living Manual March & April

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