Ella's Trash Challenge is designed as a fundraiser! You can help your local community become more sustainable - changing the world from the center out. Raise money for anything! Your Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop, a sport's team, your school, your business, your work, your neighborhood! This is a fundraiser designed to help the places you love and the environment you spend your time in to take the steps needed to reduce their carbon footprint. You choose your fundraising goals. Get creative and figure out the best way you, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your neighbors, your teammates, anyone can help!

This download includes 3 pages: an informational page, a sponsor page and a levels and goals page (Please see samplesin the photo above). Can be downloaded in .pdf, .jpg or .psd format. You can personalize the challenge yourself or we can do it for you - just add the personalization option to the cart and fill out the necessary information. Pay once but use the package as many times as you want. All proceeds go towards the creation of our sustainable children's book, "My Hudson Friends," a book about the characters found in the challenge.


Fun, rewarding and proactive, Ella's Trash Challenge is great for all ages. Please go to Ella's Trash Challenge on Instagram for more information about the challenge or feel free to email us with your questions. Don't forget to pass on the challenge and challenge someone else to follow in your footsteps!  

Ella's Trash Challenge Informational Pack

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