Warm welcomes, beautiful soul beings!

Updated: Apr 3

I am happy to find you here today. It is not by any coincidence but by divine planning. You are here for a reason. You are here because you understand that your role in the world is vital and that your well-being is equal to the well-being of humanity and the entire interconnected presence of all beings that radiates out into the cosmos and back into Mother Earth - an interconnected web of reciprocation. Thank you for sharing this space with me.

My name is Lauren Alice Hill and I am the founder of Earthists Inc. I have designed the Earthists website around my personal experiences and spiritual wisdom. My main mission is to help reconnect you with your soul and to help guide you on your spiritual path of destiny. Destiny is not a destination but a journey. The path is often unclear and can be difficult. But, even though we do not know the details of where we are going or how we will get there, we do have many ways to make sure that we are indeed on the right path and fulfilling our life’s purpose with great audacity, courage, determination, perseverance and patience.

You can look at the Earthists website as a tool - the whole website is presented as a learning experience, a support and guide system for your healing, growth, transformation and spiritual awakening. The way the Earthists website is organized is based off of the four bodies - emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. These four bodies are the way that we experience the world. They can also be called dimensions. They are the dimensions of our existence here on planet Earth. You can find these four bodies as tabs at the top of the home page.

You will notice that the first tab is called Earth, not ‘Emotions’ or ‘Emotional.’ I have done this for a very specific reason - our emotions are intimately tied to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is an emotional being. This is how she communicates and we communicate with her. The whole process of connection with Mother Earth revolves around “I am” and “I feel.” There are other affirmations that relate to her but these are the core of our connection to her and our understanding that we are all divine manifestations of her Great Being. For this reason, all the work Earthists does revolves around awakening, reconstructing and emphasizing our deep connection to Mother Earth. I will go into this more in other blog posts, but for now, realize that by strengthening our connection and relationship with our Mother Earth, we provide solid groundwork for bringing harmony and balance to our emotional, mental and physical bodies while activating a higher vibration for our spiritual body. This opens the door to the unfoldment of our inherent spiritual nature and the experience of higher consciousness.

Everything is sacred. Life is sacred. All experiences are sacred. All existence is sacred. All states of being are sacred - from the microorganisms, to the soil and rocks, to the water that sustains us and the air that we breathe, to the plants and the trees, to every animal we see, to every human we encounter, to every creation we make, to the stars and planets in the cosmos, to the outer stretches of the galaxy and the universe. We are all connected. A great web of vibrations, entangled in a great dance of love. When we realize the intimacy of existence, we realize that every aspect of our lives is an important part of our journey of being. Being here, now, is a victory in and of itself. We are expressions of infinite gratitude for the victory of existence. Celebrate your divinity every moment for you are a miracle and a blessing upon this Earth. I am grateful for your unique, incredibly special presence for you are a momentous realization of creation and there is no one else like you.

Sat Nam,


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