Reconnect with your Soul

Align yourself with the I AM pledge.

Reconnect with your Soul

Align yourself with the IAM Pledge

Whether one is spiritual or not, no matter the beliefs one holds, living by this I AM Pledge aligns the earth with the mind, the mind with the soul, the soul with the earth. It all comes full circle. These seven affirmations reconnect you with your soul, with your Great Mother and with yourself.

Let this simple prayer guide you in all that you do. 

ARTicle 1)  I AM Home


Respect Mother Earth – She is our only home, she deserves our honor. She is a part of us as we are a part of her.

ARTicle 2)  I AM Respect


Respect Your Self – This is essential, for it is only with self respect that we can properly serve others.

ARTicle 3)  I AM Honor  


Honor Your Mother(s), and your Father(s), Brother(s) and Sister(s)- Family is family, we are everything with them. Family is a part of us as we are a part of our family.

ARTicle 4)  I AM Service


Serve Others – This is also essential, for when we serve others we serve ourselves.

ARTicle 5)  I AM Kindness


Show kindness to all living things – We are all family, see everything as one.

ARTicle 6)  I AM Truth


Search for Truth – In truth, we find peace. In nature, we find truth. Search for your truth wherever you are. Wherever you are, you are in nature. You are never apart from truth.

ARTicle 7)  I AM Love


Love Unconditionally – Love is the force that binds us all. We are all connected.

Read these to yourself. Read them aloud. Copy them into your journal. Include them in a ritual.

Recite them every morning when you wake up. Whatever method you choose,

let the I AM pledge guide you.

Let it become a pART of you. Let it ripple from you out into the world.

And so it is.

This is a guideline, a recommendation. It is not a commitment.

Please follow at your own risk.