Ewa G.

The strength my pieces convey is something I have personally regained after surviving years of abuse.

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My name is Ewa Grochowska and on April 4, 2012 I went from being a victim to a survivor of Domestic Violence. This does not define who I am but it has molded me into the person that I am today. My pottery (ceramic sculptures) come from a place within me that is much deeper and intimate than I can explain in words. The ideas are pulled from my personal life experiences and deal with love, hurt, my heart, my mind, my body, and soul. It is a way for me to take all of the pain that I have experienced in life and bring beautiful artwork with deep meaning to the world. The pieces that I produce signify strength and beauty.

The strength my pieces convey is something I have personally regained after surviving years of abuse. My pottery has evolved into a symbol of love, with a strong, positive message of survival and determination. Each individual piece of pottery represents a part of the survival process that I myself have conjoined with the love of art–specifically pottery. Each piece evokes a stage in the healing process of surviving domestic violence. I am using my artistic abilities to introduce pottery into the lives of children that are survivors of domestic violence. The process of producing my art is very layered and emotional, as is every aspect of my life. I take a simple wheel-thrown bowl, and turn it into a sign of strength by sculpting withered flower petals that breathe life from within.

On March 18,  2014 I was invited by Safe Futures a Domestic Violence Facility in New London to go on a cable access program, to discuss the ‘culture of violence’ and how arts & culture can help us as a society move forward. I was brought on to talk about how I process my experience through my art as an artist and activist. Click on the YouTube link below to see a clip from the show and also click on the Facebook link to check out more of my work.

I shared my testimony as a survivor of intimate partner violence, this past April 9, 2014. I spoke at Eastern Connecticut State University and served as one of three speakers on the “We Remember” panel. This panel was designed to discuss issues of domestic/dating violence and worked build more awareness and understanding on a community’s response to combating domestic/dating violence. “Ewa’s story stirred the audience to want to do more to help victims and to speak against different levels of interpersonal violence that affects the Eastern community including intimate partner violence.” Stated by Starsheemar Byrum-Taylor, Coordinator of the Women’s Center at ECSU.