Ella's Art Challenge


“A Message of heART”

We see our weakness as a society.

We see our part in it.

We choose to transform our weakness

into something we are proud of…


When she heals, we heal.

Ella's Trash Challenge

"It All stARTs With You"

To Mother Earth, everything serves a purpose. 

There is no waste. We want to challenge the way you think about trash and how your actions affect this holy place..

Together We Can

More Coming Soon

After doing a trash audit through Ella’s Trash Challenge, Ella and her friends took the trash they collected and made art with it.  They loved this part of the challenge. After feeling a bit down from the trash challenge, the art-making lifted them right back up. We soon realized that our passions sustain us, they do not drain us. We declared victory! 

We will tell you more about Ella’s Art Challenge soon. For now, read about how all of this started with Ella’s Trash Challenge below. We dare you to take the challenge. Go on, do it!

How it  Works

We challenge you to wear your trash for a day! Take a step in Mother Earth's shoes and see what it is like to have trash become a part of you. We hope this challenge changes the way you think about waste and inspires you to create less trash every day.

This challenge can be just for fun or for a fundraiser.

Click on the downloadable package for more information on how to fundraise.

If Ella's Trash Challenge inspires you to transform your lifestyle and change your daily choices, we are here to help! Sustainable, low waste living does not mean throwing away everything you own and buying all new sustainable products. It means utilizing what you have in the most efficient and effective way possible. Once you have used what you currently own to it's maximum capacity, then you can make new choices when it's time to buy again. See below for tips and ideas to help you reduce your waste and to take action on reinventing the way you and those around you view trash. Every choice you make, every action you take, makes a difference, for we are all connected.

We are not calling out certain brands or companies. We use examples from our own experience to set a general point or recommendation that can be applied to wherever or whomever you see fit.

Any health related advice is not given from a medical professional. Please refer to your personal care practitioner(s) for any questions or concerns related to your personal health experience.

Get Inspired

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