Welcome to the Earthists blog. 


Here you will find greater insights into what Earthists Inc is all about as well as direct messages from our founder and spiritual guide, Lauren Alice Hill. Topics will include the stories behind why Earthists Inc is what we are today, important channeled messages from Mother Earth and the Divine, powerful insights into how to navigate through the current world situation, meditations, sustainability tips, support and guidance through your growth and transformation, methods to understand shamanism and cultivate an atmosphere of understanding around shamanic methods such as soul retrieval and altered states of mind, and much more. Immense gratitude for your willingness to be here now and for your participation in nourishing your mind, body and soul and your relationship with our Great Mother Earth. We are happy to be sharing our journey with you and eager to hear more about your own personal journey.

May we all walk our interconnected paths together in peace and harmony. Namaste.